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Will They Stay or Will They Go? The Top 5 Office Features that Make Tenants Stay Put

As Dallas companies compete over a shrinking talent pool, it’s no surprise that office location and amenities becomes increasingly important. After all, the office is where most employees spend half of their waking hours—or more. It’s no wonder that today’s workers are demanding a bit more of their work environments.

As employees begin to expect more of their office space, companies in Dallas—and across the country—are recognizing amenities as a strong differentiator. Their need to win the war for talent is pushing developers to produce amenity-rich environments and prompting many landlords to embrace extensive renovation projects.

For both new and existing office buildings, this isn’t just about keeping up with contemporary finishes. These are world-class amenities and unique spaces that simply haven’t been a part of the Dallas office market in decades past. Examples we’ve seen include:

Functional meeting space

A variety of meeting options, of all sizes, is increasingly important. Most office tenants in and around Dallas want a large conference center that can accommodate anywhere from 30 to 50 people—even if they only use it a handful of times a year. (Even better if the space has “pocket” walls, like in Cushman & Wakefield’s own office, so it can be separated into smaller rooms as needed.)

Everyday conveniences

As the workweek grinds on, a little convenience can go a long way for Dallas’ office workers. Amenities like electric vehicle charging stations, a fitness center with locker rooms, an onsite deli or a grab-and-go restaurant concept and food delivery programs can help to lower employee stress, boost morale and improve productivity—all of which also helps to retain employees.

Flexible work areas

As the open office concept has become the norm, employees are demanding more varied work area options, such as casual collaborative areas, focus rooms and “decompressing” or gaming areas. This isn’t just a fad in the world of office design: Providing just a bit of flexibility, especially in a noisy open office, increases employee satisfaction significantly.

Tenant lounges

In Dallas, tenant lounges are definitely in demand. These spaces are quickly becoming more elaborate than the “lunch rooms” of decades past, with TVs everywhere, energizing gaming areas and lots of flexibility—for example, the ability to accommodate a small group or, after rearranging a wall or two, much larger groups and parties. Some property owners are going so far as to incorporate a bar concept, providing beer and wine for a short period of time at the end of the work day.

Outdoor space

Many office buildings that are “landlocked” and can’t expand outward are being renovated to add rooftop common space or to create a tenant patio off a side entrance. In addition to furnishing these lounges with outdoor seating, we’re even seeing some landlords add firepits, grills and stylish lighting so the space can also be utilized after-hours for company events.

Of course, a property’s amenities aren’t the only factor that will determine whether an employee—or a tenant—will stay or go. Location is also important, especially as workers are increasingly drawn to areas that enable a reasonable commute and include perks like walkable dining options and access to micro-mobility options such as e-scooters and dockless bikes. Luckily, companies that are considering moving into the Dallas area or expanding their footprint here have a variety of incredible options to choose from, located all over the metroplex.

That being said, the Dallas area has more exciting office developments every year. It can be a challenging market for property owners that are working to provide an attractive home for companies that are, in turn, working to recruit and retain the best talent possible. But by focusing on key amenities like these, landlords will better equipped to keep their tenants for the long haul.

Lynne Hejtmanek

Michelle Rochester

Lynne Hejtmanek is an Associate Director and Michelle Rochester is a General Manager within Cushman & Wakefield’s Asset Services group.

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