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Preparing the Next Generation of Commercial Real Estate Leaders

Cushman & Wakefield was pleased to help groom four commercial real estate stars of the future through its 2018 summer internship program in Dallas. Participating this year were Charlie Click (University of Oklahoma), Ben Lipscomb (Furman University), Daniel Prescott III (Hampden- Sydney), and Mathew Ronk (The University of Texas at Austin). The program was managed by Associate Doug Jones and Executive Director Robbie Baty.

Cushman & Wakefield’s intern program is “a great opportunity for young, aspiring professionals to get some real-time commercial real estate experience, develop relationships, and learn a thing or two about the business,” said Ran Holman, Managing Principal in Dallas. “It is also a great opportunity for C&W to see the passion, discipline, natural abilities, and personality of these future leaders.”

This year the team tackled an aggressive schedule and did some remarkable market reconnaissance, Holman said: “Our intern program is a great two-way street. They are learning from us, and we are learning about the next generation who will lead the innovation and evolution of the industry.”

The interns discovered some surprising things through their experiences. Read on to learn more.


Name: Charlie Click

School: University of Oklahoma

Major: Finance

Status: Graduating December 2018

What are your career goals? Land a job at a well-respected company and do the best I can do.

Why did you pursue a summer internship at C&W? It is the best spot to be. I interned with C&W last summer and loved the work environment. The people here are some of the best folks in the business.

How did the experience line up with your expectations? The internship went beyond my expectations. I have learned about as much as I could in eight weeks and formed relationships that will last a lifetime.

What surprised you the most? How many buildings there are in the DFW area. You don’t really know until you have stacked every single facility.

What’s the greatest lesson you learned? To be a tenant rep broker you need to differentiate yourself from the pack, and have to outwork everyone else in the business.

What are your thoughts on the industry? I have grown up in the real estate industry, and having interned with Cushman & Wakefield the last two summers confirmed my interest in the field. I cannot wait to take what I have learned from C&W and go out and start making some deals.

What do you think about the Dallas region? The Dallas market is booming. I grew up here, and its crazy to see how much the city is changing around me.


Name: Benjamin Ervin Lipscomb

School: Furman University

Major: Politics and International Markets

Status: Graduated Class of 2018

What are your career goals? I would like to begin my career as a junior analyst for a capital markets team and then graduate to a more senior analyst position. From there, I would like to break into tenant rep brokerage or work on a real estate desk at a bank.

Why did you pursue a summer internship at C&W? I worked for an appraisal and consulting firm last summer in New York City and was given a return offer. In March, I found out my analyst position no longer fit the budget of this boutique shop. I frantically applied to different jobs and internships and, fortunately, found a perfect fit at Cushman & Wakefield.

How did the experience line up with your expectations? The culture of this office undoubtedly surpassed my expectations. The people and the leadership within this company, and more specifically in Dallas, are exceptional. I did not realize the amount of research we were going to be doing for the dashboard project, but having the opportunity to directly influence and benefit Cushman & Wakefield provided an invigorating experience. Through stacking buildings in the Dallas heat with my fellow interns, we were able to bond and grow together as a team. I was also given the opportunity to work with the capital markets team and shadow Robbie Baty. These experiences allowed me to pursue my interests as also learn about other facets of commercial real estate.

What surprised you the most? The most surprising thing to me this summer was how cohesive we became as an intern team. Robbie and Doug did an incredible job of recruiting hardworking, intelligent, and likeminded interns who molded into a dynamic and productive group.

What’s the greatest lesson you learned? The greatest lesson I learned came as a quote from Mike Wyatt: “Your first marriage is to yourself and then your job.” I also learned the importance of doing little things to impress clients and prospects. For instance, when Mike was pursuing a deal, he made a point of tasting the food of the cafeteria he was moving a client into. The prospect had never seen a broker do this before. Long story short, Mike won the deal. It’s the little things that separate the good brokers from the great brokers.

What are your thoughts on the industry? I really enjoy the financial side of commercial real estate, but seeing the broker client interaction was an extremely eye-opening experience further proving the relationship factor in the industry. Also, working for a large firm provided insight into all the different product types, as well as the specific criteria that go into structuring a deal.

What do you think about the Dallas region? I am a Houston native, and was pleasantly surprised by Dallas. It feels more like a big city with suburbs that offer plenty of room for expansion and development. Dallas is more up-tempo and flashy, and I appreciate that dynamic.

Name: Daniel Prescott III

School: Hampden-Sydney

Major: Business & Economics

Status: Senior

What are your career goals? I want to be a tenant rep and be better than Randy Cooper and Jeff Ellerman and eventually be named the city’s Office Broker of the Year.

Why did you pursue a summer internship at C&W? I wanted to compete and learn from the best, and C&W was the ideal place to do that. It was a dream of mine to work at C&W, so I am living the dream this summer.

How did the experience line up with your expectations? It was beyond my expectations, to be around brokers and individuals you read about in the news is a unreal feelings. The fact that I can create relationships with people that are industry leaders and legends is something you can’t put a value on.

What surprised you the most? How nice everyone was. I thought it was going to be cutthroat and that the brokers would treat brokers as though they didn’t exist. I was so wrong. Everyone wanted us to learn and be successful, because your success brings success for C&W and for them as well.

What’s the greatest lesson you learned? To always outwork your competition, and, most of all, “Your first marriage is to yourself and your job.”

What are your thoughts on the industry? Hard work is needed, and it is a difficult job to get started in, but when success comes, it is all worth it.

What do you think about the Dallas region? It’s the best city in the world baby!!!

Name: Mathew Ronk

School: The University of Texas at Austin

Major: Advertising, with a minor in Business

Status: Senior

What are your career goals? To pursue a career in commercial real estate, ultimately becoming a tenant rep broker in the Dallas area.

Why did you pursue a summer internship at C&W? I received my real estate license my sophomore year, and have worked as an agent doing residential leasing for college students, and really enjoyed it. I have always been interested in commercial real estate, so I decided this would be a great way to see if I wanted to pursue residential or commercial.

How did the experience line up with your expectations? I honestly didn’t expect to learn as much as I have. I assumed while getting my license and taking Real Estate classes at UT I would have covered about everything you need to know, but over the past eight weeks I’ve learned more than any class could have taught me.

What surprised you the most? I didn’t realize the wide range of skills, knowledge, and creativity brokers need on a day-to-day basis, along with how many different people within the company it sometimes takes to get a deal done.

What’s the greatest lesson you learned? How to stack a building without being caught. In the beginning, we were kicked out of way too many buildings. But Doug and Robbie showed us how to get it done.

What are your thoughts on the industry? I absolutely want to continue pursuing it and learning more about the industry. I believe it has a lot of room to grow and will quickly expand with the rise of technology and e-commerce.

What do you think about the Dallas region? Dallas has some of the best corporate resources in the country, including a deep base of talent, DFW airport, and the diverse surrounding submarkets. Dallas will always have great opportunities to deliver more buildings every year, with companies continuing to move here and grow here.


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