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Navigating the Permit Process: Will Your Project Schedule be Impacted?

By Brad Blankenship

New construction permits remain steady in Dallas-Fort Worth. Based on discussions with local architects, their boards are busy drawing new projects. Although DFW construction spending is slightly off peak from last year, spending remains high and the number of projects for permit continue to pour into our local plan review departments.

Navigating the permit process can be easy or it can be disastrously long, depending on your project, timing and sufficiency of documents. Cushman & Wakefield’s Project and Development Services team monitors turn-around time for permits at most municipalities. Our findings are included in this building permit infographic.

As Senior Managing Director, Brad Blankenship leads Project and Development Services (PDS) for Cushman & Wakefield in Dallas-Fort Worth, providing comprehensive development and project management services for property owners and tenants. 

  • Dallas

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