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It Pays to Be Optimistic

Written by Deborah Saldivar, Vice President

FemaleOptimism and change might not always go hand in hand, but perhaps they should. Having a positive outlook on life strengthens the immune system (and the body’s defenses against illness), cardiovascular system (optimists have fewer heart attacks) and the body’s ability to handle stress. Optimism is an emotional competence that can increase productivity, enhance employee morale, overcome conflict and have a strong, positive impact on the bottom line.

According to a study led by Rosalba Hernandez at the University of Illinois, optimists are twice as likely to be in ideal cardiovascular health. The study examined associations between optimism and heart health in more than 5,100 adults and found that people that were the most optimistic were 50 and 76 percent more likely to have total health scores in the intermediate or ideal ranges.

Working in the commercial real estate profession, you can be certain that optimism contributes to our success in the long run. Employees who think positively are more likely to work effectively, enjoy their careers and receive higher salaries in the long run. The positive thinking that comes with optimism is a key part of effective stress management and a necessity in the job. Even your clients will be able to notice your positive energy and optimism.

Optimism is a trait that can be learned as well. Natural-born optimisms can actually cultivate hopefulness and confidence in natural-born pessimists. If you want to outperform your competition, begin to teach optimism in your company – it can really pay off! Whenever one of your employees or colleagues makes a mistake or has a setback, focus on how they can improve (and the potential gains), rather than the negative consequences.

Optimism is a skill of emotional intelligence, which can greatly impact a person’s career and success in life.  Positive thoughts, an optimistic outlook and overall happiness can advance your prospects for work, relationships and other life experiences. So no matter how many changes we may be faced with this year, personal or professional, the key is to have an optimistic view and make it a fabulous year!


describe the imageDeborah Saldivar serves as Vice President and has responsibility for all aspects of property management, including the development of asset business plans, budgeting, operations, construction management and property team leadership.  Deborah brings extensive knowledge in a wide variety of commercial real estate properties and 17 years of management experience in the Dallas market.

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