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Reinvesting in the Dallas Community

Employees in Cushman & Wakefield’s Dallas office recently helped build a house in south Dallas’ Bonton community.

by Meg Costa

The Dallas Chapter of Cushman & Wakefield Future Leaders (CWFL) is on a mission to develop leaders who are committed to character, excellence, and service. As part of our commitment to service in the community, Dallas CWFL members recently planned and executed a volunteer day of giving in south Dallas’ Bonton neighborhood.

On Nov. 15, the team of 50+ volunteers worked with Habitat for Humanity to help build a house in Bonton, which is located southwest of Downtown. To amplify the impact of the project, organizers from CWFL also issued an office-wide challenge: to raise $10,000 to donate to the Dallas chapter of Habitat for Humanity, with a goal of providing manageable mortgages and financial education for local families. Donations streamed in from throughout the Cushman & Wakefield office, and the $10,000 goal was met with almost a week to go before the volunteer day.

A big thanks to our CWFL team members for organizing and executing such a successful event and fundraiser. We are proud to have the chance to help build up our community and those who live in it.

Learn more about CWFL or Habitat for Humanity.

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The first shift included Amanda Ladd, Karita Collier, Adam Guardado, Ayisat Abilogun, Dan Cook, David Eseke, Gina Barker-Cofer, James Hill, Kate Sudol, Kathy Frederick, Lindsey Dugger, Lindsie Baugh, Mark Becker, Meg Weiss, Michel Thomas, Robby Rieke, Shannon Nehrig, Swarren O’Barr, Tracy Clark and Bennie Miles.

The afternoon shift was staffed by Amber Ryan, Ann Jaggers, Bennie Miles, Bailey Wood, Beth Futch, Brian Park, Britt Heady, Caroline Low, Christy Thelan, Craig McCaa, George Stacy, Jason Pumpelly, Jessica Morrow, Justin Shuart, Kala McDonald, Krissy Cales, Lanie Roper, Lauren Griggs, Mallory Willbrand, Rena Padachy, Sean Christopher, Tom Strohbehn, Xochitl Reyes and Chris Cauthen.



C&W team members hard at work at the Habitat for Humanity site.

Teamwork made it all possible!

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