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It’s a Big Anniversary Month as the Momentum Continues

By Doug Bolton, Managing Principal, Cushman & Wakefield-Cincinnati/Dayton


Whether you are a current Cushman & Wakefield client or a future one, you’ll probably be as surprised by the timeline I am about to share as I am every time I think about it.

Seven years ago this month: Colliers Turley Martin Tucker became Cassidy Turley. CTMT was a dominant Midwest commercial real estate services firm powerhouse, based in St. Louis, but with core offices in Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Kansas City. The opportunity for CTMT shareholders to drop the Colliers network and become part of a larger, owned organization was a dream come true to the idea of providing more services to a broader geography.

Six years ago this month: I joined Cassidy Turley as its market leader in Cincinnati/Dayton after a 25 year career in the newspaper business, with my last stop as publisher of the business journal in Cincinnati.

A little more than two years ago: Cassidy Turley sold itself to a private equity consortium led by TPG, which in turn merged us as of Jan. 1, 2015, with DTZ. When the CEO of CTMT recruited me, he said we would sell ourselves in order to become one of the largest commercial real estate services firms in the world sometime before 2020.  It happened about six years earlier than predicted.

On Mother’s Day two years ago: TPG announced it was buying Cushman & Wakefield, and that it would merge DTZ, Cassidy Turley and C&W into one to create one of the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm.

18 months ago: The merger with C&W closed, and our momentum as a combined firm has never been clearer or brighter. We can now say with a straight face that there’s nothing we can’t do for our clients, anywhere in the world.

Our go-to-market strategy is unique in that if you own assets in Cincinnati or your firm is based in the Cincinnati-Dayton region, I’m responsible for any and all services C&W delivers to you. It’s been a whirlwind near-decade. But the best is yet to be. — douglas.bolton@cushwake.com

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