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Veterans’ Voices: U.S. Army Sergeant (P) Michelle Maguire

U.S. Army Sergeant (P) Michelle Maguire
Cushman & Wakefield, Chicago

During her career, the U.S. Military recognized Sergeant (P) Michelle Maguire for her leadership, service and valor with Army Commendation Medal (2), Army Achievement Medal (4), Good Conduct Medal (3), Army Service Ribbon.



I joined the U.S. Army in 1999. At the time, I was jumping from job to job and was unsure about my career path. I did know I wanted to give my young daughter a better life and contribute to society in a meaningful way. I received information from a recruiter, and about a month later I was on my way to basic training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

This was traditionally a Field Artillery “One Station Unit Training” and primarily all male, so I had to wait a month for more women to get there so we could begin training. I was then assigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where I was a human resource specialist in the United States Army Special Operations Command until 2008 when I decided to join civilian life again. There were periods of time in my service that I had to be away from my two daughters, but it was best for us in the long run.

Veterans Day signifies taking time out from our schedules to honor and recognize those who have served in our Armed Forces and additionally those who are still serving. Most veterans don’t think of themselves as heroes. It’s just part of who they are and what they have done. Once you join, your service becomes meaningful because of the bonds you create. You must trust the people you meet with your life. While establishing this trust can be difficult at first, these people end up becoming your family, and the bonds you form are unbreakable.

During my service, I did incredible things. I attended airborne school where I parachuted out of airplanes. I pushed myself through physical fitness and land navigation competitions and was one of the first females to win soldier and noncommissioned officer of the year. My service taught me teamwork, creative problem solving, strategic thinking, timeliness, and many other skills that I use at Cushman & Wakefield and in life every day. In 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and earned my real estate license while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. I’m proud of the perseverance I showed during that time and of all the achievements that came out of my service.

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