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#CWTakesPride – Proud to be a Team

The Cushman & Wakefield Chicago office and global headquarters was a little bit brighter last week as we celebrated LGBTQ Pride Month. We gathered ahead of Chicago’s famous Pride Parade to celebrate because diversity of all kinds is an important aspect of our company culture. As a global company servicing a broad set of clients, we embrace the little things that make us different and encourage individualism and inclusion for all people.

It is this type of environment that fosters the excellence Cushman & Wakefield expects from each and every employee. By creating such an open space each person is able to conquer every task to the best of their capabilities.

It was remarkable and inspiring to see everyone join together to support and praise our diverse organization. On this day, the room was radiating with positivity and excitement, even as the workday continued.  Although this was just one day of organized celebration, Cushman & Wakefield continues to celebrate diversity and continues to be proud to support the LGBTQ community every day.

  • Chicago

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