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Cushman & Wakefield Chicago’s Cristo Rey Intern: Angel G.

By: Vicki Noonan, Chicago Managing Principal 

Last fall Cushman & Wakefield Chicago welcomed Cristo Rey Jesuit High School sophomore, Angel G., one of several students interning at C&W through Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program. Through the partnership, students in the CWSP gain valuable work experience and cultivate a strong network of professional relationships that will benefit them for a lifetime. Cushman & Wakefield benefits from the talents and fresh perspectives of students like Angel. As his internship reaches a halfway point in Angel’s second year at C&W, Angel offers insight on his experience working with our marketing team and what might be next for him.

What has been your favorite part of your internship at C&W?

In my year and a half at Cushman & Wakefield, I have grown from the lessons I learn every day when I come to the office. Working for a global firm introduced me to experience and knowledge that will benefit me in the long run. Although I have had a couple hiccups in my work along the way, mistakes become lessons. Learning from these opportunities has been my favorite part of my internship because it has made me a better employee. My communication, technological skills and office etiquette were vastly improved by interning at C&W.

What is interesting to you about commercial real estate?

I love how the city is always changing. Learning about new real estate developments and seeing projects going up downtown gives me a glimpse into the future. I’ve enjoyed getting to work in C&W’s corporate headquarters, and taking advantage of the new amenities in our space has been great.

Has your experience at C&W given you direction toward a potential college major or career path?

Although it still feels like college won’t happen for a long time, I must put thought into my future. I have always had interest in being an architect, and interning at Cushman & Wakefield has given me a broader view of the field. C&W pushes my drive to pursue architecture as my career. I also have an interest in computer hardware engineering. Cushman & Wakefield has helped advance my computer skills and is giving me more insight into possible career paths.

What do you like to do outside of C&W?

I have many hobbies outside of school and work. I enjoy playing video games and skateboarding when the weather is warm. I had a nasty fall and quit for a couple years, but I resumed last summer when my little cousin wanted to learn. I also love music and play the French horn and piano.

What is the best thing about working in the city?

Since I live in the Cicero/Berwyn neighborhood of Chicago, I didn’t go downtown as much before working at Cushman & Wakefield. Now that I do, it’s been great meeting all kinds of people with different backgrounds, and taking the CTA pink line into the city has been an adventure.

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