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Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova receives Cushman & Wakefield’s consultancy for LEED certification

ARENA_FONTE_NOVA_PJM_500x316-300x190Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova was built on the very site of the former arena, demolished in 2010. The building was delivered in 2013 to host the Confederations Cup in Bahia. C&W was hired by Odebrecht and OAS for the LEED certification advisory.

One of the greatest difficulties for certifying an arena is the size and complexity of its facilities. Also, the entire demolition of the old arena represented a sustainability challenge, as it generated tons of construction waste.

For the construction of the new arena had lower impact on the environment, the solution was to allocate over 90% of construction waste for recycling, including waste from the old arena. Some of the reached results were:

  • 88% reduction of potable water consumption.
  • 50% of material costs come from places nearby the construction site, strengthening the local economy.
  • 27% of material costs include recyclable items.
  • Facade and covering with high solar reflectance index, reducing the heat island effect.

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