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Sweet Success: Austin’s Best Candy Shops

No matter how old you are, candy holds a sweet spot in the hearts of those who relish the good ol’ days—the days when you could go to the drugstore and stuff your pockets with as much candy as your little jeans could hold. So, with national candy month under way, here are the best candy stores in Austin that supply overflowing barrels of candy with its sugary, irresistible, rainbow glow. It’ll whisk you away down memory lane!

Big Top Candy Shop
Soda shops are not the thing of the past when you come to this candy & soda shop on South Congress. You can indulge in whatever captures your heart, whether that’s mounds of candy, shakes, or sodas.


Maggie Louise Confections
If you’re on the hunt for dazzling, artistically designed chocolate then you’ll be glad to find this hidden treasure. Maggie’s innovative ways of molding chocolate without losing its richness is unique and worth trying!


Chocolaterie Tessa
Fine, artisanal chocolates come in the form of Chocolaterie Tessa. These decadent chocolates, drawn from rich ingredients, free of artificial colors and preservatives, will leave a lasting, palatable memory.


The Candy Jar
The Candy Jar is another place where candy dreams come true. Fill your bags full of sugar, eat a snowball, and let your heart be merry. You might even want to host a party there! This place is full of fun!


Lamme’s Candies
Lamme’s opened way back in 1885, and now, five generations later, it’s still thriving. Texas Chewies, Longhorns, Choc’Adillos, and Cashew Critters are their iconic originals must-tries. They have a little bit of everything for those who like a little bit of everything.

 Edis’ Chocolates
Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Along with the wonderful chocolates, you can indulge in a selection of baked goods. Edis is also great at gluten-free, so if that’s you, make yourself at home with some delicious gluten-free sweets.


These gourmet candies are perfect for anyone who has the heart of a kid, but wants an adult twist. If you’ve never had a bourbon gummy bear, a chocolate cigar, or martini olive almonds, then you’re missing out!


If you want to go big, It’Sugar won’t disappoint. They have gigantic versions of your favorite candies! Get a 3lb gummy worm or the world’s largest box of Sour Patch Kids. You’ll have candy for days!


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