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Planview Achieves Office Design Goals Below Construction Budget

C&W’s Project & Development Services Provides
Knowledge & Experience to Keep Costs Down

Picture4-300x199PROJECT OVERVIEW
Planview, the global leader in Work and Resource Management (WRM), was experiencing robust growth and needed to expand to a larger space to accommodate an increase in their Austin employee headcount. Once the space was secured, Cushman & Wakefield provided construction management services to transform their new office into the ideal workplace that met their budget.

Planview’s initial construction cost proposal outpaced their design goals of an open-office concept with robust employee amenities. Either construction costs would need to be reduced or important key features would have to be scaled down or eliminated.

Duane Sees, director and market lead of Cushman & Wakefield’s Austin Project and Development Services team, worked closely with the architect and general contractor. Together they searched for less-expensive alternative products and materials to accomplish the design intent and not delete key features or workspaces. They were able to identify several areas which could be altered to achieve the savings, including: millwork, appliances, manufacturers, and finishes.

Picture5-300x200RESULTS ACHIEVED
By utilizing his construction management skills and experience, Sees was able to meet the client’s original design intent on time and below budget. More importantly, hard-working employees now have the amenities and inspiring workspace they need to continue Planview’s incredible growth.


Thanks to Cushman & Wakefield, Planview was able to save 9.8% off the construction budget!

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