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Pies, Pies, and More Pies!

Celebrating Pie Day in Austin

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—January 23rd is National Pie Day!  Charlie Papazian, a Colorado resident, is who you need to thank for establishing a day devoted to celebrating these beloved baked goods. This brilliant idea was sparked in the 1970s and has been backed by the American Pie Council (yes, that is a real thing) since 1986. If you’re a true pie fan, make sure to check out the festivities in Mueller at 5pm—the fun will include a pie-eating contest, pie walk, and pie-in-the-face game. If you’re not up for the party, we’re here to direct you to some of the best pie offerings in Austin. Go grab a slice or two…or three!

Elaine’s Pork and Pie

This place knows what they’re doing when it comes to pies! They have five classic flavors that are poured with love into each crust. Whether you’re looking for rich, buttery, tart, fruity, creamy, or chocolate indulgence, they’ve got you covered with their pies fit to your hand’s size.


 Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop

Olivia O’Neal—an avid baker—and Steve O’Neal—an avid taste tester—combined their passions to open this bakeshop, and let’s just say that the taste testing has paid off! You’ll be impressed with their heavenly pies.  Check out their newest location on the east side.


Tiny Pies

Tiny Pies has been thriving since 2011 when they opened their first shop. These pies might possess the charm of the “tiny thing” craze, but it’s just a disguise for the colossal flavor they carry. Just remember, “Good things come in small packages.” …Tiny Pie packages that is. 

Cake & Spoon

Cake & Spoon launched in 2009 and has recently started pairing with Franklin’s Barbecue, providing customers with a specialty banana bourbon pie, among other delectable selections. So, if Franklin’s fall-apart-in-your-mouth brisket isn’t enough of a reward for standing in line for hours, add a pie! Don’t want to stand in line? Visit them at the Downtown and Lakeline Farmer’s Markets or Legend Coffee.  


Lucy’s Fried Chicken

While you’re enjoying the magic of Lucy’s Fried Chicken, try out the magic of their pies. Ranging anywhere from the traditional southern sweet tea chess pie and lime pie, to the not so traditional s’mores pie and Elvis pie, there are some unique selections to choose from, and everyone’s raving about them!

Upper Crust Bakery

Today while you’re making your “To-Do” list, add this iconic bakery’s sweet pies to your “To-Eat” list. This quaint shop of 28 years serves classically delicious pies of various kinds. For years now, they have created the essence of a quintessential pie. Bring some friends or a good book, pick your slice, and relish the experience.

Quack’s 43rd St. Bakery

Quack’s Bakery has been serving Austin their pie and coffee since 1983. In fact, they were Austin’s first coffeehouse! With decades of experience under their apron’s belt, it’s only fitting that they would be stocked with the best of the best baked goods! Your classic pie flavors are taken to the next level with their grandiose expertise. Take a gander at these beauties and relax with a slice.


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