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Maximizing Value: Why Tenants Need Representation

Why Hire a Tenant Rep Broker?

Much like your corporate counsel or financial adviser, Cushman & Wakefield’s
Tenant Advisory professionals act as your exclusive advocate pertaining to
your real estate issues. While you could represent your company in court or
do your own taxes, is this really in your company’s best interest? With real
estate playing an increasingly larger role in the bottom line, it is critical that
you retain an expert to help you analyze your needs and provide optimum
real estate solutions.

Cushman & Wakefield’s methodology is unique in that we gain a thorough
understanding of our clients’ financial, operational, and qualitative objectives before
beginning the real estate decision making process. By helping our clients build
internal consensus regarding their real estate strategy at an early stage, we are able
to position them to take advantage of timely opportunities.

Common Misconceptions

Cushman & Wakefield helps clients improve speed to market, provide cost and
risk reduction, and optimize location and labor productivity — all of which have a
significant impact on cash flow and, ultimately, business performance. Whether
it’s optimizing your network and inventory or securing the right facility in the
right location in the right market, we assist you along the entire continuum of
the supply chain. Many of the most recognizable global companies, representing
a broad range of industry segments, have trusted our expertise on projects
throughout the world.

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