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Booking.com Saves 13% off Construction Budget with Help from C&W

Construction Management Services Team
Makes Managing Build-Outs Remotely More Efficient

Picture1-300x243PROJECT OVERVIEW
In 2016  Booking.com, the world leader in booking accommodations online, established a presence in Austin, TX and relocated a contingency of staff members into a 2,793 RSF suite at 327 Congress Ave. They turned to Cushman & Wakefield’s construction management services team to oversee the build-out of a new space that would make a stellar first impression for clients and visitors, and provide a creative work environment.

With Booking.com’s project management team spread around five U.S. cities and Amsterdam, one point of contact in Austin was needed to be the eyes and ears on the ground. They were also working with a limited construction budget and had a goal of creating a visually-appealing lobby and innovative meeting rooms— while still offering employees a fun and comfortable back-office workspace.

Eric Ryan, senior project manager, Cushman & Wakefield, stepped in as the main contact for Booking.com’s management team. He closely worked with all vendors, contractors and subcontractors to stay on top of the entire project and diligently kept the client updated every step of the process. Because a large portion of the costs were related to the unique aspects of the entry and meeting rooms, Ryan closely coordinated with the architect and millwork vendor prior to construction. By doing so he was able to  reduce wasteful overlap and deliver a finished product that achieved the company’s vision for interior design AND exceed budget goals.

Picture2-300x282RESULTS ACHIEVED
Ryan and the rest of the Cushman & Wakefield team were instrumental in precisely managing the project and proving Booking.com didn’t have to sacrifice on their original design intent despite a tighter budget. The result is a new and vibrant office that shows the company’s best face to all who visit and a workspace where employees are engaged, productive and happy.


Thanks to Cushman & Wakefield’s construction management services team, Booking.com was able to save 13% off the planned construction budget!

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