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When Austin’s Mary Ellen Pour started working at Cushman & Wakefield in 1989, she never dreamed the company would become such a huge part of her life. She started as an administrative assistant in the Houston office, and in the first three years worked with land and industrial brokerage, tenant rep and agency leasing teams. In 1992, she moved to an administrative assistant position in branch operations directly supporting the Operations and Human Resources Manager. This position covered accounting, commissions, office operations and equipment, budgets, human resources and more.

This broad company experience helped her help others. “I knew a little about everybody and interacted with them on a daily basis,” she says. “When the Houston office grew and moved to a new site, some people didn’t know each other. I helped bring the teams together. I’m a people person.”

Working Behind the Scenes to Ensure Success

Mary Ellen said that during her 30-year career she’s enjoyed working behind the scenes to help make the company a success. “My job entails whatever it takes to help the office to run smoothly,” she says. “I’m part of the team that keeps the doors open and the lights on. I kind of think of myself as a backstage manager. The curtain opens, the lights and the sound come on, and I help them read their lines—whatever it takes to help people do their jobs better.”

Mary Ellen enjoys flowers and treats from her coworkers as she marks the important career milestone.

In 2016, Mary Ellen transferred her skills to the Austin office, where she serves as Operations Coordinator, providing direct support to Spencer Hayes, Managing Principal of the Austin office and Katie Ehlers, Operations Director. She made the move to be closer to her grandchildren, and after 28 years in the Houston office, it was a big change.

“It was a big leap of faith,” she says. “But I was ready to make a change. I still have a husband and a home back in Houston. But I figured I have one life to live, and these grandchildren aren’t going to be small forever.”

A Ray of Light in Austin

Mary Ellen said her new coworkers were welcoming and the culture is fantastic. “I’m loving it,” she said. “It was a good change at that point in my career. I’m smiling coming into the office every morning.”

“Since she arrived in Austin, M.E. has been a ray of light to our whole office,” said Spencer. “In addition to her encouraging nature, she handles all her responsibilities with enthusiasm and zeal, using her broad experience to keep our operation on track. We are proud to have her on our team.”

As for the future, Mary Ellen plans to stay with Cushman & Wakefield until she retires. For the time being, she can be proud that she’s touched so many lives throughout the company over the last 30 years.

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