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Austin Office Celebrates National Love Your Pet Day!

The Furry Faces of Cushman & Wakefield

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day so we’ve gathered just some of the cute, sassy, loyal and furry best friends of the brokers and staff at Cushman & Wakefield’s Austin office.


Jeff Graves
Associate Market Director, Research

Saki is retired. He enjoys sleeping, eating bacon snacks, and reminiscing about what a good swimmer he used to be.



Tony Napolillo
Marketing Manager

Josie is a mix between a fawn and a pirate’s parrot. Her favorite spot is on my shoulder when I’m sitting on the couch.



Katie Ehlers
Director of Market Operations

Riley’s a super sweet girl with a wild side – she loves 50-degree weather and chicken prepared a variety of ways.


Cowboy & Buddy

Eric Carville
Director – Market Lead, Project Development Services

Cowboy is our 8-year old miniature long-haired Dachsund, who really is the boss of the house, at least in his mind. He goes everywhere we go.

Buddy is my 10-year old Cremello (that’s his color), quarter horse. He is a reining horse, and I show him at NRHA (National Reining Horse Assoc) and AQHA (American Quarter Horse Assoc) horse shows all around Texas and Oklahoma.


 Austin, Mooshu, & Tweety

Bonnie Visnius
Senior Property Manager

Austin (dog) is an aggressive huger and loves everyone!

Mooshu (cat one) is super shy with strangers but loves to play fetch with his family.

Tweety (cat two) loves everyone as well but is on borrowed time with us since he has cancer. Tweety has never had any instincts like catching bugs around the house…he’s more for looks only.



Laura Fretwell
Brokerage Coordinator

At the age of 10 (almost 11) Tess is getting to be an old lady and needy as ever!  She loves to lay in bed all day and watch for squirrels from the window. Pretty nice life if you ask me!


Lady Bird

Sherie Railsback
Property Manager

She’s a dog’s dog and would rather be outside in ANY weather rather than indoors.



Corey Antonishen
Senior Associate

Peggy the loveable and eccentric French and English Bulldog mix is quite the character. When she isn’t busy chasing tennis balls or wrestling with her canine colleagues, she enjoys long naps on the couch while sprawling atop her mother and father.



Todd Mills
Executive Managing Director

Percy loves chasing the ball and is scared to death when anyone sneezes. He is a manly dog….



Ford Alexander
Executive Managing Director

Like all labs, Londy is a loyal and loving friend. She loves to retrieve dove, hang with dad, run, and swim.



Jordan Newman
Sr. Graphic Designer

Buster is the best and can give actual hugs! He is so smart and funny, he will make noises and talk to us using his dog voice if he wants a hug!

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