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Trish Croom to Retire After 25 Years

Trish Croom, Operations Administrator at Cushman & Wakefield’s Atlanta office, is retiring this Friday after 25 years with the company. She originally joined Carter in 1992, before the company went through a series of mergers resulting in Cushman & Wakefield as we know it today. To celebrate her many years of dedication, we have asked her colleagues to provide some sentiments and well wishes. Thank for your dedication Trish, you will be greatly missed!

“Although I am happy for Trish that she is retiring and will be able to focus on her amazing art work and spending time with her family, I am saddened to think about a work environment without her. Trish has been part of my work experience ever since I moved to Atlanta in 1993 and has always had a smile on her face and an attitude of kind and gentle service to others. Our office is a better place as a result of her presence and she will be sorely missed! It won’t be the same to walk in and not be greeted by her smiling face and warm personality.”  – Tim Farley, Senior Director

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Trish for the last 16 years and her reputation speaks for itself. Not only is she extremely helpful and friendly, always welcoming everyone with a smile and willing to help however needed, but she carries with her a certain charm and unique talent to bring the boring to life and transform something plain into something spectacular. She will be greatly missed and I wish her the absolute best as she ventures out into this next chapter in life.”  – Jennifer Leal, Marketing Assistant

“Trish’s career at Carter & Associates/Cassidy Turley/DTZ/Cushman & Wakefield sets the standard for fierce loyalty, unselfish dedication and commitment to the many varied tasks she has been assigned over the years, artistic creativity and countless hours contributed to many marketing campaigns, unequaled flair for seasonal decorations, exceptional attention to detail on setting up client meetings and the ability to make every person, be they client, vendor, delivery person or corporate top brass, that walks through the front door feel welcome.  It has always been evident that Trish is passionate about her work and her co-workers and we are all fortunate to have worked with her.”  – Bruce Propst, Senior Director

“During the 20+ years that Trish and I have worked together she has always been one of the most positive, energetic and conscientious colleagues I have ever had. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with, get to know and she will be sorely missed!”  – Kirk Diamond, Executive Managing Director

“It has been a pleasure to work with Trish for 24 years. Her talents are legion (I wouldn’t be surprised to see her painting and craft production go up in retirement), and her infectious laugh and personality are legendary. She’s been central to many of our special events over the last quarter century, and a great part of the success of the Atlanta office, and we will all miss her.”   Noel Mayeske, Marketing Manager

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