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Office Tenants Crave Connectivity

As technology advances and is increasingly incorporated into the workplace, the need for increased connectivity is rising as well. In fact, a WiredScore survey of top tech priorities and their impact on leasing found that a building’s connectivity is second only to location when tenants are seeking new space. Additionally, 77% of tenants indicated that they were more likely to sign a lease faster or for a longer period of time if superior technology and connectivity meet their needs.

 Several buildings in Atlanta are adapting to meet this need, like 938 Peachtree, one of Atlanta’s most connected buildings. The 16,832-square-foot building, located in the heart of Midtown, offers top-of-the-line connectivity, including CAT 6 fiber. The building offers fiber optic service from the real utility pole, and is ready for any fiber optic series from any provider. Comcast Business, AT&T and Verizon all service the building.

 Last year, Atlanta was ranked No. 17 on Cushman & Wakefield’s list of the nation’s top 25 cities for tech companies, and in order to keep that momentum owners need to create the kind of environment these companies are seeking. Making sure a building is equipped for superior connectivity is key to attracting high growth tech tenants.   

  • Atlanta

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