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Hispanic Heritage Month 2018 – Victoria Rodriguez

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we interviewed Victoria Rodriguez, Graphic Designer based in Cushman & Wakefield’s Atlanta office.

Q: What is a way you enjoy celebrating your culture at any time of the year?

A: Family is such a central part of the Latino community. My family is a bit spread out but we try to get together often. I’m currently learning how to make my mom’s favorite recipes, like tamales! She doesn’t even use recipes anymore, so I am trying to compile them into a book.

Q: What aspects of your culture have served as a unique asset to you in your professional success?

A: Surprisingly, it can be rare to find people who speak a second language in this industry. Since I consider Spanish my second language, I’ve been able to help people facilitate deals and communicate with their clients. At a previous company, I was the only person in marketing who spoke Spanish, so I was given the opportunity to establish a marketing program in the Mexico City office, which was a wonderful experience.

Q: Who is a notable Latino figure who has inspired you, and why?

A: There are so many, but Gabriel García Márquez, the Colombian writer, was an incredible literary hero for Latinos. One Hundred Years of Solitude earned him his place in literary history, but he also was able to give a voice to Latinos in a time when we were grossly underrepresented in the arts.

Q: How have you seen diversity as a valuable asset in our business?

A: The world is changing—whether we like it or not—and we need to be able to keep up with its pace. Minorities will soon be the majority—and that includes our partners and clients. I think when we make efforts to be a fairer and more equal workplace, we attract top talent and grow.

Q: What are ways that all employees can be champions for diversity in the workplace?

A: Meet people from other industries, geographies and backgrounds. It can be comfortable to remain homogenous in your workplace relationships, but it inhibits your creativity and progression. In an industry built on relationships, diversity and inclusion will only strengthen us.


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