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C&W Research: $1 Billion Project Looks to Improve Atlanta Commute


The I-285/SR 400 interchange has been a source of plenty of frustration for Atlanta commuters for many years. A new $1 billion construction project aims to lessen the issue by creating a more elegant traffic-management solution that should significantly reduce traffic once it’s completed.

A new Cushman & Wakefield Research report dives into the numbers and details of the project and helps it make sense for those impacted by the changes. The report shows the improvements will cost $1.056 billion, and take place over 10.5 miles of interstate. The construction is slated to begin in 2016-2017, and the goals include enhancing safety, improving operational efficiency, reducing weaving maneuvers along I-285, addressing the lack of adequate ramp capacity at the I-285/GA 400 interchange, and improving ramp geometry at said interchange.

The infographics and visuals in the report provide a concise, easy-to-follow guide to the project, and its potential impact on the north side of the city. To see the full report, click on the graphic below.


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