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Cushman & Wakefield Merger Roundtable

Atlanta, Georgia, USA at Piedmont Park.

With the recent merger, there have been plenty of questions about what this means for our clients in Atlanta. To help address some of those, we brought several of our office’s top thought leaders together for a conversation about the changes they’ve seen now that everything is in place, and what clients can expect from Cushman & Wakefield going forward.

Here’s who participated in the discussion:

Lisa Dunavin, Managing Principal
Chris Hurd, Managing Director, Atlanta Occupier Lead
Bryan Berthold, Managing Director, Workspace Strategies
Kirk Diamond, Executive Managing Director, Office Tenant Representation
Drew Fleming, Senior Director, Capital Markets – Retail Investment Sales
Glenn Kolker, Senior Managing Director, Office Agency Leasing
Betty McIntosh, Senior Managing Director, Business Incentives
Pat Murphy, Senior Managing Director, Industrial Agency Leasing

What’s the biggest positive you expect your clients to experience as a result of the Cushman & Wakefield merger?

Lisa Dunavin: “This merger is a true game changer for the commercial real estate industry. With top talent in every market nationally, as well as the majority of developed markets globally, combined with the strength of our ownership and the vision of our leadership, we present our clients with a choice that simply has not existed previously. We have an opportunity to raise the bar on client service through professional expertise, global reach, innovation, creativity and a culture of collaboration that benefits our clients, our team and our communities.”

Drew Fleming: “Our clients are going to see exponentially more acquisition opportunities as a result of the merger, not only regionally but nationally. That’s one of the big advantages of creating this amazing global scale.”

Pat Murphy: “One of the big things for us is that owners of industrial real estate will get a complete platform – capital markets, agency, tenant brokerage and property management – from a worldwide company not named CBRE or JLL.”

How has the merger contributed toward making your team better?

Chris Hurd: “With new team members coming together, we are more focused than ever on collaboration, figuring out how to merge one another’s strengths to create an even stronger team than either of us had before.”

Betty McIntosh: “Strategic consulting gained 10 outstanding professionals from DTZ. We have to sharpen our tools to service the new larger organization, and we are up for the challenge.”

Dunavin: “This merger allows us to realize tomorrow’s goals today on multiple levels. It also provides a global platform and resources that allow us to address the needs of our clients in every discipline and in virtually every market around the world.”

Bryan Berthold: “We have more talent and diverse thought processes and different strengths now. Also, going through this process with merger integration has made our team better because we’re practicing the art of what we do on ourselves, in terms of workplace strategy and change management.”

What is going to be the biggest advantage for new clients with the new Cushman & Wakefield?

Hurd: “We now have the capability and experience to handle nearly any real estate challenge that an owner or user may face – and to do that on both a local and global basis. This should give clients the confidence to continue focusing on growing their business, because every aspect of their real estate needs is being handled by experienced professionals.”

Glenn Kolker: “Even though you may be working in one service line (i.e. agency leasing), the investors we are targeting for new business want to also hear about the market from the best tenant reps, investment sales teams. We now have the depth to bring a ‘team’ in to advise and inform beginning with a new pitch all the way thru execution of a deal/asset.”

What has been the most surprising part for you about integrating your team?

Kirk Diamond: “The open dialogue between everyone surrounding business development has been really impressive. Everyone has been tremendously helpful, while navigating the inevitable challenges that come with integrating two large organizations. It’s made the whole effort pretty seamless.”

Murphy: “The most surprising part for me has been that both sides are as excited about our industrial prospects as I am. The instant collaboration has been a testimony to that.”

Berthold: “The thirst for excellence and quality that I’ve seen both companies strive for has been impressive. It’s a company that’s serious about being successful as a combined entity. I think my team feeds off that energy. I’ve also appreciated the level of engagement and interest of the executives with what we’re going to be doing with workspace strategy. They clearly want to make sure this is a positive impact on all their employees.”

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