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Baby, You Can Drive My Car: Self-Driving Cars and #CRE

CarBy Ken Ashley
Executive Director, Office Tenant Representation Services

Your driverless ride will be here before you know it.

  • The WSJ reports automaker GM will start testing self-driving cars in less than 12 months with ride sharing service Lyft. 
  • In 2015, Google, Apple and Microsoft all announced plans for proprietary connected car platforms, allowing cell phone functionality to your car’s dash.
  • Apple appears to be moving even further towards “car as a service” with a recent $1 billion dollar investment in Chinese lift sharing company Didi Chuxing.
  • University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is building MCity, its 32-acre environment for testing self-driving cars and is designed re create challenging conditions they could face on roads.
  • Business Insider reports on a BI Intelligence analysis that predicts there will be 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020

Oh, also you can now sign up to take a driverless car for a spin around London, according to a recent C|NET article. Mr. McCartney, kindly queue up  “Drive My Car.”

Soon, our old fashioned laws in the United States will finally catch up with technology and permit these George Jetson vehicles from the future on public roads. When Uncle Sam gives the thumbs up, we will see a massive difference in how people commute.

Change is already starting to occur in major US cities via UberPool. Check out Uber CEO and Co-founder Travis Kalanick’s TED talk on his company’s success in reducing traffic through that very tool. I’ve personally used UberPool on a number of occasions in multiple cities and found it not only a quite pleasant way to get around but also to meet new folks.

When (not if) self-driving cars become the norm, the need for personal vehicles will drop dramatically. There will be profound changes for freight delivery, transportation networks, auto manufactures, dealers, and consumers alike. Entire industries and employee labor sheds will be reshaped.

To read the full post from Ken, including thoughts on how self-driving cars will impact aspects of the workplace, visit his Commercial Tenant Resource blog here.

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