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Aysha Johnson and Kristina Garcia Help Bring Life to Atlanta Walls

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Two of our employees, Aysha Johnson and Kristina Garcia, have been involved in an initiative to breathe life into the city. Living Walls promotes the power of public art as a social and economic engine, providing an artistic workforce to create healthy, sustainable urban spaces for the city of Atlanta. The organization, founded in 2010, has hosted a variety of artists from Atlanta and around the world.

Aysha Johnson helping create art on Buford Highway

Most recently, Living Walls added color to Buford Highway with works from nine artists, including Atlanta locals Roberto Hernandez, Dianna Settles and Yoyo Ferro, as well as Michelle Ortiz from Philadelphia; Tatyana Fazlalizadeh from New York City, and Jetsonorama from the Navajo Region. Johnson and Garcia volunteered their time to help the pieces come to life.

“I’ve always known Buford Highway for their amazing food (and bubble tea!), but volunteering for this organization opened my eyes to how special and unique this corridor really is,” Johnson said. “There’s such a strong sense of community and diversity, and the people there are so proud and resilient. It was a humbling and inspiring experience. These murals are the voices of the voiceless.”

Johnson worked with four artists painting murals along Buford Highway. “As an artist with the hopes to one day do more with my art, it was cool to pick the artists’ brains.  They were great and full of humility. It was an honor to work with them.”

Living Walls has facilitated over 100 public murals featured throughout the metropolitan area, created through citywide conferences attended by 5,000 art enthusiasts annually.

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