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Atlanta Top U.S. Metro Area for YTD Job Growth


When Atlanta’s unemployment rate hit its Recession-era peak in 2009, it was well into the double digits, and stayed there most of the next two years. Today, though, there’s no better job comeback story in the country than what we have in the Atlanta area.

Cushman & Wakefield Research issued a report last week that indicates Atlanta has the highest year-to-date non-farm job growth of all major metros in the country, at 1.9% from 2014 year-end to September 2015. That’s significantly higher than the average U.S. job growth over that time, which is 1.3%. Our unemployment rate has dipped below 6% in 2015, for the first time since before the Recession, in 2008, and that rate is nearly back to its pre-Recession lows. Dallas has had the second-highest job growth, with 1.8%, followed by Los Angeles with 1.7%.

But the positive news on the employment front isn’t only in the past, but the future appears to be extremely bright as well.

Among major metros, Moody’s Analytics forecasts Atlanta to have the highest percentage job growth — adding 230,000 jobs, which would be an 8.8% increase. The average U.S. forecast growth is 5.9%. Only Dallas and Miami are forecast for growth percentages above 8, at 8.4% and 8.3 percent, respectively.

To see the full Cushman & Wakefield Research report, featuring plenty more information — including how many jobs Atlanta has added in the past year, and which sectors have benefited most from the growth — click on the thumbnail below to download.


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