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Adaptive Reuse Gives New Life to Atlanta Industrial Properties

Adaptive Reuse in the Industrial Market from Cushman & Wakefield Atlanta on Vimeo.

Big-box developments may get the most attention from media and the public in the industrial world, but it’s the 100,000- to 200,000-square-foot sites that have historically driven Atlanta’s industrial market. Today, options in that range are becoming more and more scarce, though the demand for them shows no signs of abating.

That’s not spurring new development, though, as land is expensive and the developers want to be in the big-box game. So the demand is going to have to be satisfied largely from existing supply, but what’s the best way to approach that and make it work for everyone?

Adaptive reuse is becoming a necessary and more common plan in the Atlanta area. Many developers are taking older industrial buildings, updating them, sometimes expanding their footprint, and making them into more attractive facilities for today’s industrial tenant. This is helping to keep quality product in the pipeline for the users that need them.

For more on adaptive reuse, as well as two specific examples in the Atlanta area, watch the video above from Cushman & Wakefield Industrial Agency Leasing Senior Managing Director Pat Murphy.

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