Singapore Colleagues Help Raise Funds for Children’s Cancer Foundation

Singapore colleagues Chua Ming Lee and Siewkoon Yuin participated in the Hair for Hope fundraising event last 28 July 2018 in VivoCity organized by the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) in Singapore. Hair for Hope is CCF’s annual head-shaving event in Singapore which aims to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer.

Ming Lee is the Managing Director & Head of Account Management & Services Lines for Global Occupier Services (GOS) in APAC. “I wanted to experience what patients feel, especially children, when they go through this tough journey of recovery from cancer. We only live once and shaving my hair, in addition helps me find balance within myself and learn how to let go,” shared Ming Lee.

For Yuin, who is a Finance Assistant at C&W Services Singapore, shaving her head for charity is one that she felt as something to motivate children suffering from cancer to carry on with their treatment. “I have the moral support of my family and friends. Some of them said that I am being brave to sign up for Hair for Hope,” she said.

While Yuin does not personally know anyone who has suffered from cancer, Ming Lee has friends and family members who have experienced the journey with this illness. “It is not a knee jerk, spur of the moment decision but more of one which is done with thought and reasons. I hope I can be inspirational to others to do the same, with or without hair. Live life with a purpose,” she shared.

Through their efforts, Ming Lee and Yuin received encouragement and positive response from their friends, family and colleagues.

For Ming Lee who is also the chair of Women’s Integrated Network (WIN) Singapore chapter, supporting Hair for Hope is more than just part of the network’s CSR programme. “CSR is not a talk only agenda. It starts with yourself. Doing this gave me great satisfaction and humility. Now I am walking the talk and as long as I have touched one person’s heart, I have achieved my aim. Losing hair is not such big thing anymore.”

Visit Ming Lee and Yuin‘s individual web page on the Hair for Hope website to donate.

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