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Workplace 2025: People

By Bryan Berthold, Strategic Consulting Managing Director

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This is the first in a series of three blog posts.

Cushman & Wakefield’s Strategic Consulting group has taken a deep look at the workplace of today and based upon the trajectory and factors that got us here we have assembled our collective wisdom into a new whitepaper called Workplace 2025. Remember, 2025 is in the future but close enough to where actions need to occur now to make it happen.

I had the good fortune to take the lead in assembling our conclusions and this blog series is a shorthand way to disseminate our key learnings. This post addresses the People segment of People, Places and Technology.

For eons the workforce has often played an ancillary role – the cog in the machine. Industrialization brought us many benefits, but for many, workplace satisfaction was not one of them. The Mill was a means to the end, not the end itself.

Today we are witnessing an important transformation – the largest cohort in the workforce, Millennials, has developed a different take on the workplace. It should be authentic. It should encourage innovation. It should be a place where long-term friendships are fostered. Paramount to the needs of this group is that work is something to experience. The richness of leading a life where one’s work is as rewarding as one’s play is not your father’s office. It is your daughter’s.

Don’t be alarmed by the experiential workplace. Through a smart real estate strategy (Place) coupled with the best tools available (Technology) and a willingness to consider What’s Next, a wide range of employers will effectively win the battle of recruitment and retention that occurs within an office design that allows for the greatest productivity per employee.

The decisions being made in the C-Suite are being made primarily by Baby Boomers but the course chosen will impact Millennials, Generation Z, and beyond.  I am a proud Boomer – and I have an LP collection to prove it – but I am also ready to embrace this fundamental change.


 Bryan Berthold is the Managing Director for Workplace Strategy & Change Management at Cushman & Wakefield. 

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