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The Property Management Evolution

By Alex Fox, Senior Vice President

Judy Purviance-Anderson of Cushman & Wakefield’s Denver office was recently featured in an article by the Colorado Real Estate Journal. Judy discusses the evolution of property management through her own experiences as General Manager of 1670 Broadway, a Class A downtown Denver office high-rise.

Adapting to the ever-changing world of property management has been key to Judy’s success. She shares the three most significant areas of change she has witnessed during her 33-year career:

  • Security: According to Judy, “Security is a 24/7 responsibility, and there is a ripple effect that is much more global.” Having an emergency response plan in place that will allow building staff to remain in control and keep tenants and visitors calm during an emergency situation is crucial.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is more important than ever to owners of real estate. In 2013, 1670 Broadway implemented an energy management and automation system, allowing building engineers to make significant operational changes. Since the implementation of this technology, 1670 Broadway’s ENERGY STAR® score has risen one point every month.
  • Reporting: “I love to analyze what the building is doing,” says Judy. “This building is a living, breathing being, and it changes every day.” Understanding the metrics allows building staff to improve areas as needed, maximizing results for the client.

Read Colorado Real Estate Journal’s full article with Judy here:  http://www.crej.com/news/purviance-anderson-shares-managements-evolution/


Fox, Alex 2012Alex Fox serves as a City Lead for Asset Services, where he oversees the management team and operations in the Denver market. Alex focuses on coordinating services offered by Cushman & Wakefield to meet client objectives for each property. His responsibilities include budget creation and analysis, lease negotiation and administration, supervision and support to the property management staff, strategic planning, and quality control functions.

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