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The Power Shift to Balance for Better

By Alison Beddard 

Some thoughts: 

Gender balance is one of the biggest transformations we will ever experience. The shift in power between men and women is evolving as we speak, and its ultimate impact and potential are highly underestimated. Slow and steady will win the “balance for the better” marathon. It will take patience and conviction to keep moving forward. 

Gender balance (or the lack thereof) affects every part of human existencepolitical, economic, professional and personal. At Cushman & Wakefield Utah, shaping a better future depends on “balance for the better, so all our employees have access to the same opportunities to develop a meaningful career for themselves. 

Liberating men and women from traditional, stereotypical gender roles empower individuals to become the best versions of themselves. This process takes rigor and determination to engage everyone – including women – why this is a company value. The highest levels of success and innovation can be reached when these stereotypical chains are broken.  

As a Cushman & Wakefield leader, I feel a responsibility to lead change in altering perception. I am proud to be part of a growing organization where each of our employees can fashion themselves a successful future. I envision a cultural transformation with greater diversity and inclusiveness, of which will require time and humility within a structure of clear, measurable long-term goals. It’s no secret to our commercial real estate community that without targets, nothing gets measured and nothing changes. Here in Utah, we say bring it on! 

My career has directly benefitted through thoughtful sponsorship and mentorship within Cushman & Wakefield. I’ve been seen for my talent and my potential and rewarded for it through more challenging assignments, Board service and job promotions. One of our key goals at Cushman & Wakefield Utah is in improving the skills of our folks by learning and growing from one another in areas of assertiveness training, networking and the elimination of the impostor syndrome. I’ve learned that “one size does not fit all,” and there are many ways to improve the status quo daily. The most progressive and successful global companies are realizing the untapped potential of “balance for the better,” every day. 

If every employee in an organization is the same race or gender, it’s hard for innovation to occur. Each person comes from a different background and can offer a unique perspective based on their experiences. Companies that don’t seek “balance for the better” are missing a tremendous opportunity to provide value through comprehensive insight. “Balance for better” is a promise that Cushman & Wakefield is a 21st century company, serving 21st century customers, with a 21st century leadership team and talent delivering value sustainably and globally. 

Alison Beddard is the Managing Principal for Cushman & Wakefield’s Utah office and oversees strategic growth of the firm’s business lines in all Utah markets. She started her career with Cushman & Wakefield in 2005, specializing in portfolio strategies in office leasing, acquisitions and disposition of assets for institutional occupiers, private investors and non-profit organizations. Since 2010, Alison has completed more than $400 million in transaction volume.

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