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The Power of Creative Storytelling in Corporate Real Estate


Creative deliverables that drive business outcomes (image)

Creative deliverables that drive business outcomes

Creatives at Cushman & Wakefield are always seeking ways to tell better stories and communicate more thoughtfully with our clients and the market. We are constantly scanning the creative landscape for key tools and technologies that enhance this effort, build brand awareness and place our clients at the center of what’s next in corporate real estate.

When we prioritize creative design in the more traditional space of commercial real estate, we recognize that decision-making is driven by a combination of data, analytics, and emotional connection. Below are some examples of how our exceptional creative community at Cushman & Wakefield is continuously innovating and putting the client at the center of everything we do:

  1. Streamlining mapping data to translate real estate insights into engaging visuals for clients.
    1. Esri’s ArcGIS for Adobe Creative Cloud extension allows our marketers and business developers to create customized stories driven by mapping and spatial analytics.
    2. Learn more from our Cushman & Wakefield creative experts on Elevating Creative Deliverables with Data Visualization.
  2. Driving consistent messaging and streamlined communication globally
    1. Adobe Creative Cloud applications, libraries and stock support consistency in sales and marketing globally, allowing our professionals to work faster and smarter while seamlessly connecting to their colleagues across markets. Learn more.

Putting our clients and people at the center of what’s next through creative design & technology

Creating innovative design and unique ways of interacting with the target consumer coupled with technology is reshaping how real estate leaders are preparing clients for what’s next.

From out-of-the box techniques to introduce a team for a pitch, to visually communicating data and research of properties for sale and lease, our CRE leaders are adopting creative design solutions  to engage clients with assets, visuals, and infographics with impactful creativity that helps tell stories for pitches, presentations, and interactive deliverables that drive tangible business results.


Chelsea Gribble (image)

Chelsea Gribble, Vice President of Business Development and Creative Strategy for Portfolio Solutions at Cushman & Wakefield has over 12+years of experience in creative design and pursuits strategy. Based in El Segundo, CA, Chelsea leads the Portfolio Strategy Business Development team, mentors creatives company-wide, collaboratively implements tools and technology and creates high-custom design deliverables.

Sheila Cheng (image)

Sheila Cheng, Creative Director of Business Development for Enterprise Solutions at Cushman & Wakefield has extensive experience in creative design and pursuit strategy. Based in Chicago, IL, Sheila leads the Enterprise Solutions Creative Design team, manages enterprise level deadline-driven design solutions and strategizes.

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