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The Myth of Work-life Balance

By: Courtney Olson, Marketing Director of Investor Services

The Myth of Work-Life Balance BannerThere is no such thing as perfect work-life balance.

If I truly expected actual balance in my life, I’d go crazy. For me, life is a combination of everything I have going on happening simultaneously. Everyone chooses their own reality, and this is mine. I choose to work for a global company that does not sleep in an industry that grows increasingly competitive each day. It’s those choices, among many, that have influenced how much I truly love what I do.

The work-life balance I know is genderless.

We all make sacrifices to achieve our goals, and fortunately, my marriage is a true partnership. We both do dishes, laundry, yardwork, grocery shopping, and run kids to and from school activities. For us, it isn’t about gender roles. It’s about living a great life together, raising two incredible children, supporting each other in our work, and maintaining a sense of humor during the process.

Here are a few ways I manage expectations and attempt to debunk the myth:

    1. Technology is a blessing if you use it to your advantage. Our family lives off Outlook calendar invites to maintain our schedules (who travels for work, who picks up the kids, who takes them to riding lessons). Office 365 is magic when it comes to a flexible work environment. The fact that I can access work from the office, home, or any of my mobile devices helps me to be a wife, mother, and professional at any given time of the day. If I need to be at my kids’ school at 1:00 pm, on a conference call at 3:00 pm, and at my computer at 8:00 pm – it’s doable. Gone are the days of 9:00 – 5:00.


    1. As women, we need to learn that it’s okay to be unapologetically ambitious. It is okay to be smart, passionate, and confident. It is okay to take initiative, work hard, and advocate for what you want. These qualities and actions will help promote positive change and close the gender gap. Negativity, whining, and complaining are not productive. History happened, and we can’t change it. What we can change is the future. So, let’s focus on doing just that.


  1. I take balance when I can get it. Our master bedroom has a balcony that overlooks miles and miles of farmland. Quiet, still mornings on the balcony watching the sun rise (with my three dogs by my feet) can be the most medicinal, centering moments, so I enjoy them.

Work is a part of my life, and a priority— just like my husband, two children, professional and volunteer commitments, and many other responsibilities. Sometimes my job takes the front seat; sometimes it takes the back, and sometimes it’s riding shot-gun. Every day is different, but I work hard and always try my best to be adaptable and meet the new demands of each day.


Courtney Olson Profile PhotoCourtney Olson leads Cushman & Wakefield’s Investor Services marketing and communications effort. She coordinates with Investor business leads and Investor service line marketing leads to align all messaging and deliver integrated marketing strategies that support client engagement and growth initiatives.

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