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The Big Reveal: Most Unusual Asset Valued

Valuation & Advisory’s Machinery & Equipment (M&E) Practice Leader, David Koller, recently interviewed the newest members of his team on changes in the industry, their most interesting assignments, and why Cushman & Wakefield is the right fit for them. This is the final post of a four-part series. View the first, second, and third posts in the series. 



Anthony Festa, Director, East Rutherford, NJ: I once was part of a team that valued satellites (yes…satellites up in space!!! And no….we didn’t do a site inspection!!!). The coolest part of doing the valuation was learning about the drivers that affected the life of a satellite, and also the development of replacement costs / turnaround time to develop satellites. When a satellite is built, it can’t go up right away, you need to wait for a ground spare to be built. If something goes wrong with the launch this spare needs to be built and ready to go so the contracts associated with the satellites and number of transponders can still be fulfilled. But when it’s time to get the next satellite up in space, while the spare is the next to go up, it can’t go right away because it too needs a ground spare.  Again, you need that backup “just in case”, which was really interesting to learn about.

Fernando Sosa, Director, Chicago, IL: A telecommunication satellite orbiting in outer space. I valued this asset for estate planning purposes.

Lee Dorf, Director, Philadelphia, PA: Nuclear fuel rods that were a component of nuclear reactors.  I valued these in Japan, right before the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. There was a lot of safety precautions we had to go through while there, plus the language barrier, it made for an interesting trip.

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David B. Koller, ASA, is the National Practice Leader of Machinery & Equipment in the Valuation & Advisory Group. He has more than 15 years of experience valuing industrial equipment for purposes such as financial reporting, insurance, financing, litigation, and property tax. Mr. Koller has extensive industry experience in agriculture, automotive, broadcast and communications, chemical, energy, entertainment, food production, general manufacturing, health care, hospitality, life science/pharmaceutical, restaurants, and telecommunications. His experience with financial reporting comes from a long list of active clients involved in acquisition and disposition of business entities.

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