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Smart Buildings & Workplaces: How IoT Enables Customized Employee Experiences

By Colette Temmink, Executive Managing Director of Integrated Facilities Management and Project & Development Services, Global Occupier Services

Internet of Things CRE

Facility leaders need a smarter way to talk about smart buildings. Too often, the case for leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) in real estate focuses primarily on building performance and efficiency, and less about enhancing every employee’s workplace experience.

To effectively support the modern workforce, our workplaces need to be as intelligent, responsive, and flexible as the people working in them.

Scenarios that range from space and comfort tracking, to workplace guidance, to transforming workflows and service management. Ultimately, workplaces are a business tool for organizational performance. Sensors, analytics and smart apps are helping to create an environment where people can perform at their best.

And this in turn benefits an organization’s bottom-line.

Human-centered smart building applications create value

A recent survey found that four in 10 office workers spend as much as 60 minutes every week searching for available desks, conference rooms, or colleagues.

Occupancy sensor data, rendered in real time through different touchpoints, supports workers to make the most productive use of the workplace. End-user touchpoints include smartphone apps, touchscreens, kiosks in high-traffic areas or a chatbot for people who prefer a more conversational experience.

Realize Real Estate & Facilities Management Efficiency

Service delivery according to fixed plans and schedules is being replaced with an outcome-based service model. This new, dynamic way of providing services puts people first and focuses efforts where they matter most. It is driven by actual usage, tracked in real time.

The above is an excerpt from our larger report on IoT and Smart Building Solutions in the Americas. You can download the report here. 

 Colette Temmink is the Executive Managing Director of  the Integrated Facilities Management and Project & Development Services groups, for the Global Occupier Services division of Cushman & Wakefield. 



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