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Show That Your Building is Well-Rounded with BOMA 360

By Tom Updike, Senior Vice President of Property Management

BOMA 360 performance programIn a world where buildings are competing tooth-and-nail for tenants and the pressure is high to keep operating expenses low, how can your building stand out from the crowd? The BOMA 360 Performance Program provides a distinctive designation for commercial buildings that satisfy outlined criteria.

The BOMA 360 Performance Program reviews all of the major aspects of a building’s operations and management, including validation and industry recognition of buildings that demonstrate best practices. Buildings are scored in six areas: Building Operations and Management; Life Safety/Security/Risk Management; Training/Education; Energy; Environmental/Sustainability and Tenant Relations/Community Involvement. The program provides a third-party stamp of excellence on a property’s operation, demonstrating to owners, occupants and personnel that a building is managed to the highest standards.  Whereas other designation and certification programs tend to limit their scope to one component of a building’s operation, such as sustainability, scoring highly in all six categories that make up the BOMA 360 designation signifies that a building is well-rounded.

In a 2014 study, Kingsley Associates determined that buildings with the BOMA 360 designation received higher tenant satisfaction scores in all 54 Kingsley ratings categories as compared to commercial office buildings without the designation.  As the BOMA 360 name becomes better recognized, tenants will begin to make the connection between a BOMA 360 first-class property operation and their satisfaction with that building.

In the few short years that DTZ has participated in the program, our company’s ranking has climbed from 12th to 4th out of more than 100 companies. Now, we have 36 BOMA 360 certified properties and more in the pipeline to achieve distinction this year.

So, what does it take to get there?  Here are my top three tips for achieving a BOMA 360 designation:

  • Let Your Platform Pave the Way – The robust platform offered by DTZ makes it easy to achieve a high score. For example, you can earn a whopping six points in the Building Operations section for providing our standard monthly operating report, and you can even achieve more points for uploading documents we already have compiled as part of our Eight Disciplines of Engineering.
  • LEED Helps – The same documents used to achieve a LEED EB designation make it easier to get many of the points available in the BOMA 360 Energy and Environmental/Sustainability sections, and using sound sustainability principles in building operations can help as well.
  • Turn the APM (or PA) Loose -The majority of buildings in our DC market that have earned the BOMA 360 designation have had documents, reports and information gathered and uploaded by their team’s Assistant Property Manager (APM) or Property Administrator (PA). It’s a great opportunity for the team to solidify their knowledge of their building and energize the building team.

So if you are looking for a way to make your building and team stand out from the crowd, the BOMA 360 designation is a proven means to get you there. Visit www.boma360.org for more information.

Tom Updike blog headshotTom joined DTZ in 1988. During his 27 year tenure, he has served as a Construction Accountant, Operations Accountant, Property Manager and Vice President of Operations. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Property Management and is responsible for operational service delivery to clients, quality control, due diligence services and employee development. Tom’s management experience includes office, retail, multi-family and flex properties. 

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