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Reputational Risk: Risk & Rewards by Industry

by Liliana Stoianova, Global Occupier Services, EMEA Energy Sector Team

reputational risks by industry

Reputational challenges vary by industry. The winners are those who not only address such challenges, but also see the opportunities that come with them.

Risk & Rewards By Industry:

Companies in the financial sector are expected to have a reputation for impeccable conduct, and to be transparent when it comes to reporting. They are always under the magnifying glass of regulators, investors, customers and, ultimately, talent.

In the oil and gas industry, enhancing policies geared towards sustainability and environmental performance shapes a company’s reputation. At the same time, such challenges offer opportunities to adopt new technologies and improve operational efficiency.

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry challenges include factory and employee conditions, product quality, and outstanding customer service. The sector’s success relies heavily on transparent communication with its customers.

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industry’s reputational factors involve credibility of posted information, protection of confidential customer data, and effective protection systems that can block rapid spread of the cyberattacks.

Each company’s reputation perception unfolds from such concerns. A business’ reputation informs and supports its ethics and safety standards, service quality, corporate social responsibility, security, and ultimately, financial performance indicators.

The above is an excerpt from Liliana’s larger editorial –  Reputational Risk: Challenges & Opportunities – which can be read by downloading the Spring 2016 edition of the Occupier Edge.

Liliana Stoianova

As an Account Manager in Cushman and Wakefield’s Global Corporate Services team Liliana is working closely with multi-national corporates to deliver real estate solutions in line with clients’ business objectives throughout the EMEA region. 

In addition, Liliana is an active member of CoreNet Global and Women in Property. She also support and drives the Communities of Practice C&W Oil & Gas group in EMEA.

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