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Milestone Memories – A Chat with Matthew Shaughnessy

by Eric B. Lewis, MAI, FRICS
President, Valuation & Advisory Americas

We’re recognizing the individuals within our Valuation & Advisory (V&A) group who have hit major anniversary milestones this year, by asking these veterans a few questions. After having been with the firm for 20 years or more, it’s interesting to hear about their experience, tenure, and what keeps them going. I had the chance to talk with Matthew Shaughnessy, who has worked in the Chicago region for the last 20 years…

You’ve now been with the firm 20 years and focus on office and industrial properties. What changes within the appraisal industry and/or your market have you seen since you began your career? Where do you think it is heading?

Advancements in technology have had a big impact in our business and have made appraisers more efficient. This has also increased the demand for quicker turnaround times by our clients which are required as the pace of today’s commercial real estate markets continues to move quickly. Technology will continue to improve the appraisal industry and hopefully the appraiser’s expertise, market intelligence, and analysis are still valued and needed.

How did you get your start in commercial real estate/why did you choose to go into the appraisal profession?

When I was in college I had a summer internship at the Cook County Assessor’s Office and that started my interest in real estate valuation. After graduating college, I worked for a small appraisal firm and a bank as a residential appraiser. I enjoyed it but I knew I wanted to make the transition into commercial real estate, and I’m thankful that Cushman & Wakefield gave me that opportunity.

What is it about Cushman & Wakefield that has helped you reach this anniversary/keep you here?

Cushman & Wakefield is a leading global real estate services firm with a very talented valuation group. The people I have had the opportunity to work with at Cushman & Wakefield are the best and have kept me working here. My colleagues have been very supportive throughout my 20 years at Cushman & Wakefield and have helped me through challenging assignments as well as challenges in my personal life.

What was the most unusual assignment you’ve ever had or what has been the most memorable/your favorite?

Chicago is a rich architectural city and boasts a skyline among the best in the world and I’m proud to be part of the Chicago office and industrial specialty practice groups. I enjoy working on many of the older office buildings in the Chicago CBD because of their historic significance, and I also like working on some of the newer state-of-the-art distribution centers that are being developed throughout the Chicago MSA.

How do you plan to spend your next several years at Cushman & Wakefield?

I hope to continue to be challenged at Cushman & Wakefield and grow more both professionally and personally.

When you’re not out appraising an asset or writing a report, what do you like to do?

I enjoy traveling with family and friends, listening to live music, waiting for ‘Da Bears’ to win another Super Bowl (you can only relive the ’85 Bears for so long), and catching up on shows from the past 20 years on Netflix.

Eric Lewis is the President, Valuation & Advisory Americas. In this role, Eric is responsible for the overall operations of the Americas V&A group, which spans 600 professionals across 6 core services, 17 practice groups, and 70 offices. He drives the primary business objectives and activities for V&A in the Americas, including our aggressive growth and technology initiatives. In 2017, the group appraised more than 50,640 properties valued at over $1.29 trillion USD.

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