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Milestone Memories – A Chat with Kathy Hoffman

by Eric B. Lewis, MAI, FRICS
President, Valuation & Advisory Americas

We’re recognizing the individuals within our Valuation & Advisory (V&A) group who have hit major anniversary milestones this year, by asking these veterans a few questions. After having been with the firm for 20 years or more, it’s interesting to hear about their experience, tenure, and what keeps them going. I had the chance to talk with Kathy Hoffman, who has worked for the firm for the last 30 years…

You’ve been with the firm 30 years now providing support as an office and area administrator in Atlanta, Georgia. What changes within the company and/or commercial real estate industry have you seen since you began your career? Where do you think it is heading?

Since I started working with the company in 1988, the evolution of technology has been the biggest shift that I’ve observed. I started out as a word processor typing the appraisals and putting together the final reports with pasted photos and multiple hard copies. My first computer had a boot-up disk to start operation. I still have a 10” Wang floppy disk as a remembrance of those days. It’s quite laughable to our newcomers.

My role has certainly transitioned throughout the years from invoicing and receivables to the overall day to day needs at our bustling appraisal offices.

How did you get your start with Cushman & Wakefield and what is it about the company that has helped you reach this anniversary/keep you here?

I answered an ad in the newspaper, believe it or not!

Why did I stay? This is an easy question to answer: The people. The finest, caring people have been at the helm of the national, regional, and local offices. I’ve attended many weddings, baby showers, and sadly funerals of my coworkers. We are like a family.

What was the most unusual project you’ve ever worked on or what has been the most memorable/your favorite?

I have many memories of the past 30 years. Each decade had its own team of appraisers and admins. I don’t think I have a favorite as each memory and each person is unique.

How do you plan to spend your next 10 years at Cushman & Wakefield?

I plan on working. There is always something new to learn these days.

When you’re not working with the Valuation & Advisory team, what do you like to do?

I love spending time with my family, visiting my sisters in Asheville, North Carolina, short road trips, craft festivals, and enjoying the live music that Atlanta has so abundantly.



eric-lewis-valuation-advisory-presidentEric Lewis is the President, Valuation & Advisory Americas. In this role, Eric is responsible for the overall operations of the Americas V&A group, which spans 600 professionals across 6 core services, 17 practice groups, and 70 offices. He drives the primary business objectives and activities for V&A in the Americas, including our aggressive growth and technology initiatives. In 2017, the group appraised more than 50,640 properties valued at over $1.29 trillion USD.

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