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Life in the Fast Lane

By Lynn Sugg, RPA, Managing Director

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Today we live in a fast-paced world with more moving parts than a Swiss watch. Instead of real estate deals taking weeks to finesse and review between different parties, we scan and e-mail documents within minutes. Accounting software is now web-based, giving immediate answers to financial questions. The key to success is to deliver seamless, consistent services day in and day out. The question is how to make it happen.

Putting together the puzzle for meeting expectations and keeping one’s sanity is sometimes a balancing act. A few of the key components to success are:

  • Assembling the right team: Each assignment requires research and a true understanding of clients’ objectives in order to decide who in the department has the best skill set. As noted in Five Traits of Highly Productive Property Teams, the team is the “secret sauce” to making an assignment work.
  • Attention to detail: While we are expected to respond at an accelerated pace, occasionally details are missed. Ensuring that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed is more important than a quick answer that would have to be revised because all the information was not completely accessed prior to responding.
  • Communication management: All the e-mails, phone calls, text messages, and time spent on additional items can cause important tasks to get lost in the mix. Setting aside time to concentrate is imperative. Some individuals easily operate in an open environment concept, but others cannot. Having areas established for employees to retreat from noise and distractions works to many companies’ benefit. Also, finding time to meet with clients and tenants, as mentioned in The Art of Conversation, is paramount to success.
  • Focus on good mental/physical health: Driving non-stop without taking time to recharge your batteries is a recipe for disaster. Sleep deprivation and high stress levels are not healthy for anyone. Getting away from your desk or phone for a few minutes each day, taking a walk, leaving the office for lunch, or visiting with a co-worker helps to briefly get your mind off the job. This tactic will encourage you to be more productive. Everyone needs a work/life balance in order to have clarity in their roles.

Our goal is to always provide a superior experience for our clients. Finding the right formula in combination with the right people will allow everyone to come out a winner. How do you ensure client and tenant satisfaction in today’s busy world?


Lynn SuggAs the Asset Services lead for Cushman & Wakefield’s Nashville office, Lynn Sugg leverages her extensive experience in the industry by managing more than 1 million square feet of Class A assets in Nashville. Lynn works in partnership with local leaders and oversees the daily operations of approximately 22 million square feet of office, industrial, retail, medical office, and multi-family properties ensuring the highest quality service delivery to her clients.


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