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Joining V&A’s National Machinery & Equipment Platform

Valuation & Advisory’s Machinery & Equipment (M&E) Practice Leader, David Koller, recently interviewed the newest members of his team on changes in the industry, their most interesting assignments, and why Cushman & Wakefield is the right fit for them. This is the second post of a four-part series. View the first post here



Anthony Festa, Director, East Rutherford, NJ: I view my role as two-fold. First, I’m an internal resource to assist in executing machinery valuations where V&A real estate appraisers, brokers, capital markets, and other C&W professionals have identified specific M&E appraisal/advisory needs for their clients. Secondly, I act as a catalyst for the firm’s growth. I’m always looking for and thinking about opportunities where I can bring C&W’s services to bear in order to better assist our clients – not just from my concentration in machinery valuations, but also real estate valuations and advisory, as well as all the other services the firm offers.

Fernando Sosa, Director, Chicago, IL: I am part of a nationwide team tasked with building a well-rounded Machinery & Equipment Group into a national/international valuation practice.

Lee Dorf, Director, Philadelphia, PA: I want to be that internal resource that our real estate team sees as a subject matter expert. I see us as a complimentary piece to the puzzle and want to educate our professionals on what we do and how we can help them.


Anthony Festa: The platform! I’ve worked in an accounting firm, an independent appraisal company, and a turnaround shop. C&W is the premier platform that puts tangible assets first, I mean…the V&A practice has been around for 35+ years – they get it!!! The draw to C&W was the platform. With a firm that focuses on real estate, the next logical step is to develop a service that addresses everything on the land or inside of the buildings that’s movable.

Fernando Sosa: The opportunity to develop the Machinery & Equipment Group with colleagues that I have known for years and the incredible support of Cushman & Wakefield.

Lee Dorf: The people. Cushman & Wakefield has a lot of talented professionals and the next logical step in a real estate firm is Machinery & Equipment. They go hand in hand.

Next week: Brand, Reputation, Research, and More

David B. Koller, ASA, is the National Practice Leader of Machinery & Equipment in the Valuation & Advisory Group. He has more than 15 years of experience valuing industrial equipment for purposes such as financial reporting, insurance, financing, litigation, and property tax. Mr. Koller has extensive industry experience in agriculture, automotive, broadcast and communications, chemical, energy, entertainment, food production, general manufacturing, health care, hospitality, life science/pharmaceutical, restaurants, and telecommunications. His experience with financial reporting comes from a long list of active clients involved in acquisition and disposition of business entities.

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