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How Are Drones Influencing The Commercial Real Estate Industry?

By Christa DiLalo, Associate Market Director, Research Services

Drones are being used in a variety of ways with increasing frequency in commercial real estate.

In both urban and suburban settings, these machines are offering occupiers a perspective on real estate listings different from what they’ve ever had before by presenting panoramic photos and videos of properties within the true context of their locations and surroundings. In cities, drone technology enables space users to experience views on certain floors, sometimes from offices in buildings that have not yet been built.

As the technology continues to advance, warehouse-using companies are planning to rely more heavily on drones to increase efficiency. Large retailers are currently testing drones for use in handling inventory in distribution centers, with anticipation to begin incorporating these machines into their procedures within the next year. The drones have the potential to increase warehouse productivity dramatically, scanning and cataloging in one day what employees can currently achieve in a month. Retailers are also testing drone delivery systems, in which the unmanned aerial vehicles would be used to fill and deliver online orders directly to customers’ homes.

No statistics on the number of drones being produced are available, but based on data compiled by Drone Industry Insights, the following is a list of drone producers with the greatest global awareness.

drone chart graphic

Christa DiLalo

Christa DiLalo is an Associate Market Director and works with the Principal Economist to prepare cutting-edge research about commercial real estate on a national level. Christa also conducts primary research, data-driven analysis, and forecasting for the office and industrial sectors of Northern and Central New Jersey—one of the largest suburban markets in the country—as a critical member of the firm’s New York Tri-State Research Services group.

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