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International Women’s Day 2018 – Antonia Cardone

Antonia Cardone leads Cushman & Wakefield’s GOS Workplace Strategy and Change Management team. Her focus is translating complex challenges into clear actions for our clients. She asks a lot of questions and listen intently. Her specialties include: innovative workplace strategies, activity based work settings, dynamic facilitation, sensitive change management, and effective occupancy strategies.

Why do you work at Cushman & Wakefield and not somewhere else?

I work at Cushman & Wakefield because it’s new and innovating, and not”settled in its ways.” Here, I can see business-in-action, make my own path, and feel part of a group of clever people all propelling this company forward. It’s very powerful.

What solution, achievement or moment are you most proud of while either working at Cushman & Wakefield, or in your personal life?

In 2014, I was honored by the CoreNet Global Northern California Chapter as Service Provider of the Year. This is a recognition of my contribution to our industry by my peers in the Bay Area. This makes me exceptionally proud, but especially so when another professional in my community shares with me how my award has influenced them. That’s a hidden bonus: not only am I lifted-up by that experience, but someone else is, too.

Why is diversity important in the workplace?

A diverse workplace includes a diverse workforce. When we bring a collection of people together to address the challenges of our clients, we need creativity and fresh ideas.  A team that is made up of people with different perspectives, experiences, histories, and backgrounds enlivens the work and develops better solutions.  It’s good for business.  And it’s especially good for fostering respect, learning and tolerance: it’s good for us as people, not just professionals.

What’s the best career advice you have ever been given?

Early in my career, I worked with a gentleman named Harald Baulis.  He was very knowledgeable, ethical, wise and funny. He advised me to “stay near the spout where the gems drop out” meaning that if you associate with people who have something to offer, i.e. “gems” then your life too would be enrichened. Knowing Harald, he intended that the gems were attributes such as intelligence and kindness.  This little saying has grown in my mind to include adages such as: hire people who are smarter than you; listen; and, don’t be afraid to ask for help/advice/direction.  It’s served me well.

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