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Hispanic Heritage Month 2018 – Monica Morales-Anderson

Monica Morales-Anderson is a GOS Global Account Director for Adobe Systems Incorporated. She is based in San Jose, California.

Q: What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

A: It is a time where I reflect on my roots and the contributions that the Hispanic community brings to this country.

Q: What is a way you enjoy celebrating your culture at any time of the year?

A: I like to eat Latin-inspired food. It could be Salvadorian, Peruvian, Mexican, Argentinian or Cuban. They are all different cuisines, yet there is something that ties them all together.

Q: What aspects of your culture have served as a unique asset to you in your professional success?

A: Taking action and working hard pay off.

Q: Who is a notable Latino figure who has inspired you, and why?

A: Latin musicians inspire me. I love their music and a lot of the lyrics speak to me. One of my favorites is Gloria Estefan. Like me, her parents migrated to the U.S. when she was a child to escape a country at war. Her contributions as an artist are countless, and she is also a very successful business woman.

Q: How have you seen diversity as a valuable asset in our business?

A: Diversity brings different perspectives, experiences and values. Those differences are proven to drive innovation. Most of our clients expect us to have a service delivery model that includes a diverse workforce.

Q: What are ways that all employees can be champions for diversity in the workplace?

A: Engage with people who are different than you are, and try to understand how their experiences are different than yours. Approach those differences with respect, and learn to appreciate how they benefit the overall team.

Q: What are ways in which you give or pay it forward in the Latino community?

A: I frequent business that are Latino-owned.

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