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What Three Pillars of Network Security Do Hackers Focus Their Attacks On?

By Sasha Tinson, Graduate Surveyor, Global Occupier Services 

3 pillars of network security that hackers attack

In its most basic form, hacking involves unauthorized access to an IT system. Even someones who accesses a particular system without permission , simply to see what is there, can be considered a hacker.

But hackers are more interested in gaining access to systems for reasons other than a quick look-see. Those reasons can range from causing cyber mischief, to stealing sensitive data. As such, hackers focus their attacks on these three pillars of network security:

Attacks on network confidentiality: Attacks can include packet capturing (stealing sensitive data), password attacks (hacking user passwords or target computers) and phishing/pharming (attempts to solicit sensitive information via emails with fake URLs). The purpose is to open breaches to steal sensitive information.

Attacks on network integrity: Events such as “data diddling” (illegal or unauthorized data alteration), man-in-the-middle (the attacker manipulates data as it moves from one place to another), and session hijacking (hacking a computer session to gain unauthorized access to information or other services) fall under this umbrella. Such attacks can ruin computer coding and render an IT system unusable.

Attacks on network availability: Known as “denial-of-service” (DOS) or “distributed-denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, a hacker sens a large number of requests to a system, with the intent of crashing a server.

The above is an excerpt from Sasha’s larger editorial – Using Common Sense in a Hackable World – which can be read by downloading the Spring 2016 edition of the Occupier Edge. 

Sasha Tinson, Cushman and WakefieldSasha is currently a Graduate Surveyor in Global Occupier Services. Since joining, Sasha has supported the teams, working with multi-national clients to manage the delivery of their real estate requirements in line with their business objectives. Prior to working for C&W, Sasha studied at UCL for her Master’s in International Real Estate and Planning.  

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