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A Bright Future for Facilities Management: Fostering More Female Talent in Leadership Roles

By Rian Tara Johnson, Senior Marketing Manager, Americas, Global Occupier Services

facilities management female leadership roles

The facilities management (FM) sector is facing a shortage of leadership talent that can only be remedied by an industry-wide program of outreach to all knowledge workers. For instance, in FM, men currently outnumber women in leadership roles, with a high number of senior leadership in decision-making positions predominately held by men among the late Baby boomer / early Generation X demographics.

Real estate companies with a strong facilities management organization must rethink their focus on diversity and inclusion (D&I) in their talent management strategy, or risk losing the War for Talent.

facilities management female talent shortage

Re-Defining Facilites Management Culture Within Corporate Real Estate

From a facilities leadership standpoint, there is a paradigm shift of focus on recruiting and promoting women to help with the FM talent shortage, as women comprise more than half of all recent college graduates and hold a majority of managerial and professional positions across all sectors—but are severely underrepresented in the FM sector.

Presumably, it’s not the performance of one or two women that makes all the difference at these companies; it’s the corporate cultural spirit of inclusiveness and diverse perspectives at the C-Suite level that drives employee engagement and collaboration throughout the company.

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A Diverse Workforce & Inclusive Culture Start With Leadership

Young talent starting their professional careers seek out companies where they feel they can make a positive impact to an organization’s growth and bottom-line. For women, that often includes seeing other women in senior roles.

Ultimately, the future of FM will be a greater push on women’s career advancement since they make up half of the pool of next-generation leaders, at a time when cultivating talent is our industry’s greatest challenge.

To replace facility managers and leadership as they retire, companies moving forward simply can’t overlook the talent pool of diverse women and men workers coming up through the ranks.

The above is a curated excerpt from our report on Talent Shortages in Facilities Management. Download the full report here

Rian Tara Johnson, Cushman & Wakefield Rian Tara Johnson is the Senior Marketing Manager – Americas, Global Occupier Services, Cushman & Wakefield. She has been in the facilities management world for 10-plus years. As the newly appointed Marketing Manager, she is responsible for driving marketing strategies, services and increasing brand awareness for the Global Occupier Services account and service lines for the Americas, mandated to Project & Development Services and Integrated Facilities Management.


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