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#CWTakesPride2018 – Maarten Havermans

Maarten Havermans is a passionate Assistant Facilities Manager currently assigned to UBS overseeing the daily operations of its NYC headquarters.

Before his American adventure, he was in his home country Belgium overseeing operations for Texaco and enjoying all the exciting things Europe has to offer.


Why is diversity important in the workplace?

Diversity spices things up. It gives us the opportunity to learn from each other, hear each other’s stand point, respect and help out with each other’s problems and celebrate the good times. It also teaches us to be tolerant and respectful. Something that is missing in today’s society. I’m glad I can share with my co-workers about experiences good and bad and inform them about some of our struggles.

Why is it important to self-identify at work as LGBTQ+ or an ally?

I’m happy to work for a company and an account that gives me the opportunity to be proud of who I am. For way too long, we have had to shy away from ourselves. Being able to show who I am is a perk that I am grateful for every single day. I hope that C&W might be an example that can inspire other companies throughout the world to be more inclusive and respectful of their employees.

 How do you celebrate Pride? 

My Pride weekend will consist of celebrating with my partner and close friends at a gathering a friend organizes every year at his apartment. The parade is at the end of his block so we’ll be going back and forth continuously

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