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#CWTakesPride2018 – Kate Stacey

Kate Stacey has three passports (British, Irish, Canadian) and a global outlook as Account Director for two international clients. Based in Toronto, she enjoys collaborating with GOS colleagues in USA, UK and Singapore working on these accounts, managing transactions in 30 countries and counting.



Why is diversity important in the workplace?

As a director of global accounts, I encounter clients and colleagues from all sorts of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, speaking multiple languages and even supporting different hockey teams! To be a successful relationship manager, one has to acknowledge diversity of experience and viewpoint, and get out of our little bubbles. The moment we start thinking our perspective is the only valid one, we’re in trouble. When I started in real estate over 30 years ago, I was in a minority and the mindset was pale, male, stale and so square it was practically a cube. I’m all for anything that challenges that obsolete mindset.

Why is it important to self-identify at work as LGBTQ+ or an ally?

You might know me as that nice motherly middle-aged lady from GOS who’s always going on about her children but you may not know that I will have your back when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

What does it mean to be an ally at work, besides joining UNITY?

I hope that anybody at work would feel comfortable talking to me in confidence about anything on their minds, from career advice to childcare quandaries to office personality conflicts. In the context of UNITY, people need to know there are sympathetic ears and safe spaces to bring up issues they may have, but also co-workers who are ready to speak out if they see or hear instances of intolerance or bullying.

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