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#CWTakesPride2018 – Karin Duffy

Karin Duffy is a Project Coordinator based in St. Louis. She started with Cushman & Wakefield in April of 2017.  Her mission is to continue to learn, grow and serve others in her personal and professional realms. For Karin, is exciting to be part of a dynamic company that encourages these goals and offers a wide variety of platforms for achievement.


Why is diversity important in the workplace?

A diverse workforce drives unity amongst our peers, communities and clients.  Shattering stereotypes is critical in office environments that need to be an accurate representation of qualified individuals with varied experiences and backgrounds who can support a forward thinking, growing company.

How can the workplace best support LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies?

Providing an open platform to recognize that, professionally, we are all equal and are all in this together is key.  The evolution of our services needs to exceed that of the society beyond our walls.  If we want to continue our success, the same must hold true for how we view the “corporate” image of our people.

What does it mean to be an ally at work, besides joining UNITY?

It’s important to realize that at our core, we are all human.  We all need acceptance and a voice for success.

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