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#CWTakesPride2018 – Freddie Steel

Freddie Steel is a Graduate Surveyor, EMEA Capital Markets, based in London. He joined Cushman & Wakefield’s Graduate Program in September 2017 after reading Architecture at the University of Edinburgh and Real Estate & Planning at the University of Reading. Since then he has enjoyed a rotation with the Central London Investment team and recently moved, as part of the program, to EMEA Capital Markets.


Why is Pride Month important to you?

It is easy to overlook struggle when we have Instagram to scroll and everyday life to lead, convenient to keep the darkest times brushed under the rug or within the closet. Pride Month encourages the celebration of this shadow, the celebration of our community and the celebration of what we have overcome and will achieve in the future.

Why is diversity important in the workplace?

The ability to make clients feel comfortable and valued wins business. Diversity in the workplace encourages this skill by educating and providing us with fresh insight, attitude and awareness. We work best together, where varied minds have greater odds of dispelling the ordinary, resolving the conflicts and winning the clients who are at the center of what we do.

How did you self-identify as LGBTQ+ at work?

I didn’t at first in case it negatively impacted colleagues’ first impressions of me. With hindsight I was wrong to fear this, yet I have been told in the past not to broadcast my LGBTQ+ membership too loudly. It became easier over time, dropping it into conversation as the most normal thing, and has become something that I enjoy doing as I get to know colleagues more and more.

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