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#CWTakesPride2018 – Elizabeth Mears

Elizabeth Mears is an Associate of Brokerage Services in Victoria, BC. A passionate advocate for a thriving local economy, she brings a background in managing commercial properties and family enterprise to her work for Cushman & Wakefield.



Why is diversity important in the workplace?

I believe that diversity is important in the workplace as it fosters a strong social bond with co-workers as well as displays that Cushman & Wakefield is just like the outside world, made of a diverse group of individuals. Our clients and colleagues alike come from different viewpoints and backgrounds, allowing this to show allows for an opportunity for our clients to find an individual that they are aligned with to work successfully.

How can the workplace best support LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies?

In my opinion Cushman & Wakefield is already doing so, our Managing Brokers Hendrik and Cathy have gone out of their way to ensure that as a trading services broker I am nothing but supported by the company. From interviewing to today there has never been an incident or moment in which I have felt nothing but the same support and resources available from them and Cushman & Wakefield Canada as the rest of my colleagues.

Why is it important to self-identify at work as LGBTQ+ or an ally?

It is important for me to self-identify as LGBTQ at work just as women in brokerage positions are just starting to become the norm in the last decade or so, the only path I see to LGBTQ brokers becoming more common is to be open and transparent about myself. I hope that by being out on the forefront of the industry that more LGBTQ people interested in commercial sales are comfortable to put themselves out there and in what could be perceived as an intimidating market for some.

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